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Aotearoa Free
From Sexual Harm 

Through expert consultation, support, and co-creation, we facilitate positive change in your organisation, school, or community

Who we are

At RespectEd Aotearoa, we are dedicated to preventing sexual violence and harm by fostering positive social and behavioral change through expert consultation, support, and co-creation. Our mission is to create a safe and empowering environment
where knowledge is shared, skills are developed, and evidence-based approaches are used to address sexual harm in organisations, schools, and communities.

We are champions for change, working with young people, communities, and organisations to:

  • Share proven knowledge and empower individuals and collectives with practical skills to prevent sexual harm.

  • Provide expert guidance and support to professionals and organisations dedicated to protecting young people.

  • Craft and refine organisational policies and processes to create safe and respectful environments.

  • Deliver training and organisational development services to workplaces and communities.

  • Spearhead primary prevention initiatives tailored to address specific needs, leaving no room for sexual violence and its harm.

Our practice

Context-specific, tailored solutions: We understand that every situation is unique, requiring solutions that work best for you.

A safe and empowering space: We foster an environment where learning and growth can flourish, empowering individuals to take action.

Trauma-informed approaches: Our methods are grounded and recognise the impact of trauma on survivors.

Evidence-based practice: Our strategies are rooted in evidence and research, ensuring the highest chances of success.

Centering victims and survivors: We put the voices and experiences of victims and survivors at the forefront of our efforts.

Community mobilisation: We unite communities to collectively address sexual harm, amplifying our impact.

Transformational learning: Our approach goes beyond mere education, aiming for profound, lasting change.

Sustained positive changes: We are committed to creating long-term, positive shifts in attitudes and behaviours.

How we work

a chart that shows our approach

Connection: The foundation of our work lies in building connections and relationships. We believe that fostering positive social norms is a powerful signal for appropriate behaviour. If you or your community are passionate about eliminating sexual harm, reach out to us for an impactful conversation.

Context-gathering: Understanding your unique context is critical to our shared goals. We avoid one-size-fits-all approaches, and we value you, your community's and/or organisation's perspective and experiences. Your insights will pave the way for tailored solutions that work in your specific situation.

Consultation and collaboration: Our collaborative approach combines our expertise with evidence and research. Together, we identify key opportunities to effect change, drawing from multi-layered, multi-component strategies known to drive social transformation in the prevention of sexual harm.

Conceptualisation and implementation: Through innovative design thinking and co-creation, we craft solutions that resonate deeply. Our ground-up, participatory approach ensures that the solutions we implement are owned and embraced by everyone involved.

Continuous learning: We are committed to continuous improvement. Regular check-ins and reviews with our partners, fuelled by evidence and feedback from stakeholders and recipients of our initiatives, keep us agile and responsive, enhancing our relationships and shared impact.

Through collaboration and collective effort, we can take preventive actions that address the root causes of sexual violence and its harm. Let's foster a culture of respect, safety and empowerment.  Partner with us today and be a driving force in shaping positive and enduring change for Aotearoa.


Reach out to us today, and together, we'll build a future free from sexual harm.

Contact us

04 801 8975 / 027 568 9254

Level 2, 220 Willis Street 6011

PO Box 11731 Manners Street, Wellington 6142

Fill out the form and we will get back to you. 

Need help?
For the 24-hour national helpline for support to do with sexual harm

contact Safe2Talk on 0800 044 334 

For support in Wellington,

contact Wellington Rape Crisis at 04 801 8973 between 9.30am - 4pm

Partners, Collaborators and Supporters

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